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Friday, 24 January 2014

Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas ,Every Day Can Be Valentine's Day

sexy-valentines-day-ideasShopping Spree Has Your Perfect Valentine's Evening in Mind!
What are the main ingredients for creating a titillating feast of scrumptious yummy Valentine's Day? It all starts and finishes with you. You're the one in the driving seat to creating a romantic Valentine's Day for your man. You are the perfect Valentine!  You need to get that big boy of yours to get interested and then get him to slow down. He needs the distraction of a delightfully mouth watering appetizer, interesting entree and satisfying main course before heading to the dessert part of the menu! This is where 'preparation' comes in.

Tips for Creating a Romantic Valentine's Day

The first thing you need to do is take your own intimate and romantic 'temperature'.  What is missing for you?  What do you need?  Make sure there is no health issue or hormonal issue that has gotten the better of your sense of fun and desirability.  Many women fail to realize that a sense of attractiveness is the key to their appetite.  It's often how you feel about yourself.  A touch of change and a lot of self forgiveness can go a lot way in revving up your "sense of self".  It's worth a trip to a gynecologist and/or endocrinologist and a review of any medications or birth control prescriptions that might be inhibiting your interest in intimacy.

1. Stress

Or are you literally so stressed for time and self care, and so tired that you don't know where to start to address this issue.  If so, this symptom, lack of romantic desire, can be the one that sets in motion the impetus to change the circumstances before your relationship starts to go seriously South.  Once you've begun to consider and respond to your needs, the next step is to bring your man into the picture.  You need his support.  Get it by acknowledging how important he is to your life and by enlisting his consensus.  When he realizes that your three hours of time each week at the gym is what you need to feel like a 'sultry' woman again, he may be far more supportive than you thought possible.

2. Prime the Pump

Even if you don't exactly feel all the exuberance you may be projecting on this romantic Valentine's Day, know this:  Desire begets desire.  The hormones that are or aren't circulating in your body sometimes need to be primed, just like you'd prime an old fashioned pump with water.

Stop the Negativity

Seriously,  it's up to you to bring yourself back into the mix.  Get out of the negative feedback loop.  Take charge and perhaps make that stop at the new exotic clothes and toystore downtown that you keep driving past on your way home from work.  Pick up a couple of surprises.  It takes just a little investment to start something new in your lives and one little change can mean one big payoff for you and yours.

Buy Whimsical Outfits and Toys

New jellies and juices on the market can be pretty good primers, too.  They may get you both giggling again.  Giggling and more! You never know which one is going to taste or work the best.  Erotic massage with scented oils and warm lotions is one of the best ways to initiate some TLC and set the stage for fabulous lovemaking that will certainly follow a relaxing, romantic rub down.
When is the last time you actually went shopping for a new nightie? While you're at it, get a pair of special briefs or boxers for him and offer your gift and a promissory note the next morning...what the note says is up to you!

3. Don't Forget the Video Store!

Begin your blue movie research at least a week before the big day.  Adult film sales thrive because pretty much most guys LIKE THEM!  And it doesn't mean they like you less.  Did you know that even the big box video businesses sometimes have a "back room" or catalogue behind the counter with titles that are especially set aside for you and yours AFTER the kids are asleep or away visiting Grandma for the weekend.  Live dangerously and rent a few until you find something that actually works for YOU!  Then let him know at the breakfast on romantic Valentines' day that you have something naughty and nice you want to share with him that night.
Preparation is the bricks and mortar of a good rendezvous. And what he will benefit from knowing is that for you it's the game before the game. So let the love games begin!
Why not try a mouth to body massage where you go all the way up and down your partner's body without touching the naughty bits and find a new zone to tease. Use your mouth to tease, lick and playfully nibble on all sensitive areas such as behind the ears, knees and shoulders. The heightened pleasure and anticipation alone will result in a profound lovemaking experience that will literally blow both of your minds.

Every Day Can Be Valentine's Day

Now what was that? Same time again tomorrow night?  Extend your Valentine's surprise to a once a week night of romance with that new red lacy ensemble and just see how long the feeling will last!  And don't forget about the daytime.  Uh Huh, and there is one seriously important reason he's usually thinking about love first thing in the morning.  You just might want to surprise him and just take advantage of that circumstance some morning soon.
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