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Friday, 24 January 2014

Fire Things Up for Valentine's Day

fire-things-up-for-valentines-dayA Great Valentine's Day Present for Both of You!
If you are looking for that special, truly memorable Valentine's present to make this February 14 a zinger for you and your honey, try adding some new spice to an old recipe!  It may surprise you that a typical response regarding sex, from a committed or married man's perspective, is that they feel that their current woman just doesn't seem "that" interested in sex anymore.  It's up to you to change that perception!  This Valentine's Day is the perfect time to organize some new bedroom tricks and some seriously hot foreplay guaranteed to spice up your lover's boudoir repertoire!

A New Sexy Nightie for You and a Spicy Surprise for Him

Who knew a night in the middle of February could be so fun?  Don't let another year go by before you surprise him with something new.  V Day is the perfect time.  You miss that lingering touch and that strange little smile he had for you when he caught you coming out of the shower during that first great year you lived together. When was the last time you saw it on his face or in his eyes?
You used to be the hottest female that he'd ever had the pleasure of, and he certainly fanned your feminine ego in letting you know exactly how you made him feel. And you loved it! What happened? We know the answer: the kids, the mortgage, the job, not enough hours in the day.  You're constantly tired and the very last thing on your mind these days is sex.

How Men View Abstinence

But sorry to say, that's not how men view their partner's reluctance to have sex with them. It actually begins to chip away at a man's sense of his manhood!  What can you do to rectify the situation and find some middle ground?  Don't wait for him to come up with it.  Create a Valentine's Day presenthe won't forget! You have to remember, for the guy, and statistically for the majority of men, that is the barometer of how well it's going.  Ask him sometime, what he believes makes for a good relationship! If he's being honest he'll probably mention lots of sex, and if they aren't getting any, then they aren't happy and will wonder how you could be! Its' that simple!

Try New Foreplay

Why do I suggest introducing unexpected new hot foreplay techniques into your sexual arena? Because if you take the first step to unlocking the little invisible gate with some hot foreplay, by tomorrow, things will probably be swinging and swelling and sliding a lot more often and more smoothly between the two of you!
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