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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hoooooops! suspender is back


If you are self-conscious about your tummy, then this 

retro style is for you because it has a mesh across the 

front that sucks in everything. My husband Tom is not

 as keen on this design, preferring the skimpy styles,

 but I like the romantic Forties sweetheart look.


Well, this cuts out the middle man — the suspender straps

 are attached directly to the knickers so you don’t need a 

separate suspender belt. The sheer fabric is pretty, but the 

straps are long so my stockings started slipping down. 

Practical though — kept loo breaks simple.

 But my husband prefers traditional suspenders.


A pretty design encorporating a bra with light boning to pull

 in waist. The straps proved easy to do up at the front, but I 

found it more tricky to reach the back, so I asked my other

 half to help (he didn’t complain). More attractive than

 Spanx under a party dress.


My husband’s favourite. This is a playful but classy design in a 

 leopard-print pattern with red bows. The belt is skimpy and sits

 on the waist so the straps are long and can be worn over the 

matching briefs. For everyday, I’d be worried about the chill 

around my midriff.

This is a modern-take on an old fashioned girdle in a floral blue pattern. 

 As it covers your entire midriff, there are nine hook-and-eye 

fastenings at the back so it’s quite a feat to reach round to do them up.

Sadly, the leg straps were too long for me, but it would be perfect 

for tall, leggy women in need of some cinching.


This minimalist design is made from one single piece of 

smooth, stretchy nylon fabric that does up with two hooks 

at the back. The small plastic clasps are easy to slide into

 position and hold well. Expensive, but if you’re going to 

wear stockings every day, it will last for years. Gets a thumbs 

up from me and my husband.

This is like a mesh mini skirt with suspender straps. As a result

 it holds everything in giving up a smooth line under clothes and 

it’s available in black and a useful flesh colour. Not the prettiest,

 but it was very comfortable and my husband said he liked it in a

 saucy kind of St Trinian’s way.

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