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Friday, 24 January 2014

Anti Valentine's Day Party

anti_valentineAlone on Valentine's Day? Throw a Party for Your Solo Friends

Do you view Valentine's Day as just a Hallmark holiday devised by corporate big wigs to suck money out of people's pockets? Has your heart been trampled upon or are you excited about being single? Either way, there is no reason to spend Valentine's Day alone. Invite your solo friends over for a night of food, music, and fun--all with an anti-love theme.

Single Valentine’s Day Party

You may be single, but that doesn't mean that you are undeserving of love and affection. On Valentine's Day, invite all your single friends over for a night of fun and love between friends. And it won't hurt to joke around, in good taste, and ridicule those that are tied up in the complicated web of romantic relationships.

An anti Valentine's Day Party begins with invitations. Invitations should make it clear that the tone of the party is fun--not a pity party where everyone sits around mourning lost relationships. Once you know who is coming, you can begin to plan for the decorations, food, music, games and entertainment. aphrodisiac-foods-for-valentines-day

The best color for a singles Valentine's day party is black.  Cut out black hearts and streamers to hang from the ceiling and walls. A large "love stinks" poster or banner would add to the atmosphere. Put up cards featuring synical quotes about love and relationships.
Any party would not be complete without good food and an anti-Valentines Day party is not an exception.  A buffet of "comfort foods" such as cookies, ice cream and cake could be served. If you want to lean more towards the "anti-love" concept, serve broken heart-shaped cookies and cakes and bitter chocolate. Prepare food like garlic bread knots, onion rings and blue cheese garlic dip. This bad breath snack bar is a celebration of being single.Holiday-Gifts-for-Real-Women
For entertainment, anti-love music and movies are the way to go. Songs such as "Love Stinks" by the J. Geils Band, "Love Hurts" by Nazareth, and "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morrisette are all great choices. Movies like "The Break Up" with Jennifer Anniston and "Fatal Attraction" with Michael Douglas should play well. However, if these movies and music sound too sad or bitter, then maybe a game night would best suit your party.
Request that guests bring favorite board games. Winners can go home with candy or a homemade ribbon.  Prizes like gift certificates to clothing stores or for manicures and pedicures are even more appropriate. Break-up games can include the Burn Your Love Letter game. Guests bring a letter or other memento from a previous relationship and after saying a few words, burn it in a fire. You could even stage a comedic reading of love letters or diary entries from old relationships. You could also encourage guests to bring photos of old partners or exes and use them as the backdrop for a dart tournament.

On Valentine's Day, many people are enjoying romantic dinners and giving and receiving boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers. Don't get discouraged! Be positive and proactive and throw an anti-Valentines Day Party and enjoy the advantages and perks of having good friends and fun.
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