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Monday, 11 November 2013

The Origins Of The Red Carpet

The ruby red carpet is synonymous these days with the new celebrity fascination that has become a prominent fixture in pop culture. When referring to the term ‘red carpet’, many people instantly think of red carpet awards or red carpet dresses worn by the famous celebrities that strut glamorously down immaculately clean red carpets with people hovering behind them with handheld vacuum cleaners.  No one seems exactly sure where the origin and history of red carpets came from but there is some speculation about its heritage.
Like so many aspects of our culture in the present, science states that the evolution of the red carpet rug had its origins way back in ancient Greece and the classic play Agamemnon. The character in the play, Agamemnon is welcomed home by his wife to a huge gathering with a deep purple and red carpet, the colors of the Gods. Agamemnon is arrogant man and the wife plays tribute to him by suggesting he walk all over the Gods by walking on the carpet. Another fable passed down through the years was that the color purple fading to a deep red was the color of high aristocracies and important individuals. Railroad stations also commercialized the color red but in practical functionality to guide and direct passengers to the right location and hotels use the red carpet at the entry point of the entrance to the lobby.

Today, the red carpet has been welcomed by the entertainment industry and is commonly used for a red carpet event like the academy award on the red carpet. There is no functionality associated with the use of the red carpets at these events as we are sure that celebrities are able to navigate their way into a ceremony, well most of them at least. We can see the tie between the ancient Greek origins of the red carpet and how it has evolved into our society today especially in the form of the celebrity culture. With the amount of celebrity red carpet events manufactures best have adequate spare parts vacuum cleaners on hand.
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