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Monday, 11 November 2013

6 steps to red carpet Glamour



OK, so we've all seen the stars strutting along the red carpet looking immaculate and think `what if?' But it's not difficult to get that wow factor into your own look. All it takes is a little polishing here and a pluck or two there. And we've done the hard work to make that possible

Just follow this easy 6-step guide to achieving red carpet glamour, and you'll soon be ready to star in your own Hollywood blockbuster

Step 1. Define your star style
Firstly, decide on a look that defines your natural assets. With the virtual makeover tool you can experiment with different hairstyles and colours, toy with numerous eye and lip shades, and create an all-over new you.
Step 2. Eyes on that Oscar
Never underestimate the value of your eyes when achieving a star-studded look. Learn the cardinal rules of eye colour to decide what shade looks best on you. And don't forget that your eyebrows shape your face. Take time to find your brow shape and get them under control. For extra definition, go crazy with false eyelashes. It's not as hard as it looks.

Step 3. Paparazzi pout
Don't crack up on the night, and start preparing for luscious lips a few days in advance. We've tried and tested 8 lip balms that will protect and prepare your pout. Take some expert advice when it comes to your lippy with handy lipstick tips, and make sure you choose the right shade.

Step 4. Get some hair flair
Your tresses are your crowning glory, so don't just scrape it up or hide behind a mop and hope for the best. Find out which type of haircut compliments your face shape and features, and book an appointment with your stylist. Whilst twirling before the throngs of fans and flashing lights, make sure the humidity doesn't affect your style with foolproof advice to avoid frizz.
Step 5. Silver screen smooth

Now that you've dealt with the hair on your head, it's time to tackle the rest of it. Take care whilst shaving your pins and pits, as you don't want your `hair removal nightmare' hitting the headlines. Decide on the best way to beautify your bikini line , and never ever step foot outside that limo without checking for any stray facial hair.

Step 6. Notorious nails
After preening and pampering for your walk of fame, your hands deserve some special attention too. Get expert tips onAr number while your carriage awaits.

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