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Thursday, 12 February 2015

When it comes to orgasms

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When it comes to orgasms, even if you’ve got a few tried and true moves that bring you to climax, experimentation can open up new sensations and help you and your partner bond even better in bed. That’s because trying new positions makes you completely focused on the moment—which is often the exact element needed for an orgasm to occur, points out Annette Gates, a New York-based sexologist. “Really playing with positions and taking your time to get turned on can open up the body to experience different ways to receive pleasure,” says Gates.

With that in mind, these five expert-approved positions are primed to put you on the path to ecstasy. Each makes the most of your anatomy and allows for the opportunity for you or your partner to lend a hand at stimulation. Try one of these moves tonight—and prepare to have your world rocked.

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Picture No 2: How to do it: Begin in missionary position, but have your guy move up so that his pelvis is higher than yours and the base of his penis is pressing against your clitoris as he strokes up and down.

Why it works: “This angle allows his shaft to grind against your clitoris,” explains Vanessa Marin, a sex and relationship therapist in San Francisco. “The constant clitoral stimulation can help lead to climax.”

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The Sit & Straddle

How to do it: Facing each other, sit on his lap, wrapping your legs around his hips as he enters you. Have him touch your breasts or clitoris as he thrusts or try touching yourself while he watches.

Why it works. "A seated position gives access to your clitoris during intercourse,” explains Marin. The lower third of your vagina is packed with nerve endings—some of which stem from the clitoris—so even though the penetration in this position isn’t deep, it can still feel amazing. And the constant eye contact can be highly erotic.

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Hold On Doggie

How to do it: In this variation of doggie style, have him keep both hands on your hips to control the rhythm.

Why it works: Doggie style grants access to the G-spot. Just be sure to communicate about what rhythm feels right to you as he primes this pleasure-producing spot. Have him start slow, and then let him know when you’re ready for him to go faster.

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Sideways Spooning

How to do it: Both you and your partner lie on your side, with your partner behind you, facing the same direction and knees slightly bent. Lift your top leg as he enters you. You can also either use your own hand or your partner’s to stimulate your clitoris.

Why it works: The simple spoon is pretty sweet: It allows you to have a vaginal, clitoral or anal orgasm—or all three if you’re the ambitious type. Bonus: The position can actually help you reach a second orgasm. Because your nether regions are still filled with blood after orgasm, you don’t need a ton of stimulation to reach round two, explains Gates—shallow strokes will work just fine, and the position doesn’t require any exhausting acrobatics, which you’re likely not up for after round one.

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Supported Missionary

How to do it: Lie on your back with your legs dangling over the bed and feet touching the floor. Put a few pillows under your butt and have your guy enter you.

Why it works. This angle is a good one for G-spot stimulation, says Gates, while having your feet on the floor gives you even more control over the rhythm of his movements, which can help him and you coordinate an orgasm. Another bonus: Your hands are free to touch your clitoris or use a vibrator for added stimulation.
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