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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Kuhusu makovu, jaribu kutumia bio oil, matokeo yake ni polepole ila ya uhakika na hamna kemikali.. Na pia makovu ya mfano kwenye magoti, (weusi wa magoti) unaweza ondoa kwa kupakaa juisi ya limao, acha dakika 10-15. Kisha chukua pamba, ichovye kwenye maji ya uvuguvugu na sugua magoti, weusi utaanza kupungua..

Na wale wote wenye chunusi usoni, na blackheads, jaribu kuosha usho wako (tumia cleanser ambazo hazi -irritate ngozi yako, ambazo hazina kemikali) kila siku asubuhi na jioni kabla ya kulala. fanya mask ya kuchanganya asali na limao (waweza fanya kila siku), asali na mdalasini (mara 2 kwa wiki), dakika 15-20 osha na maji ya uvuguvugu. pakaa lotion yako.

Waweza kuondoa blackheads kwa kutumia ute mweupe wa yai, toa kiini cha yai, pakaa ute usoni, tafuta vitambaa laini cheupe hata vitatu, ukishapakaa ute, bandika kitambaa juu yake, acha dk 20, halafu bandua kitambaa, utaona vinatoka na blackheads.

Sheria zingine kwa wenye chunusi,

- Acha kushika uso wako na mikono, jitahidi mikono isiende usoni kila wakati, mara nyingi inakuwa na bacterias

- Osha mikono yako kabla hujaanza kupakaa/ kuosha uso wako

- Tumia vipodozi ambavyo havina kemikali nyingi, vipodozi vya watoto ni vizuri zaidi

- Kunywa maji mengi hata lita 2 kwa siku

- Acha stress

- Acha kutembea na kioo, n akujiangalia usoni kila dakika

- Acha kutumbua chunusi, zinakuletea mabaka meusi..

Jaribu nilivyokushauri hapo juu, japo hata kwa wiki 2 na utaona matokeo yake, mi pia nilikuwa na chunusi, kwa kufuata hizo taratibu, lol naweza kwenda nje bila makeups.

Zingatia Usafi!..

If you are effected by any disease, any weather or due to age and result into dryness of skin and feeling disappointment and frustration Don’t worry. There are number of natural and home made things which can be helpful to you to resolve these issues. Today we are going to discuss a few natural remedies for dry skin, which are normally easily available almost in your kitchen and you will not have to pay a lot of your money like costly dry skin products which can create a whole in your pocket.

Bath with Oatmeal

People knew about the skin soothing properties even as long as 4000 years ago. Against the history of home remedies, it would be a crime to leave it out to discuss. Grind oatmeal to a fine powder or buy from your pharmacy the Aveeno variety, if this is too much work to grind. Pour the two cups of grounded oatmeal and enjoy the lukewarm bath. Tie it and use it to wash your body, you can also put some of the ground oatmeal in a washcloth.

Almond oil, Honey and Milk Bath

You will have to fill your bath tub with milk, if you want to bathe like Cleopatra. We understand that a tub full of milk is a bit too much. The combination of powder milk, honey and almond oil. Mix 250gr milk powder and ½ spoon of almond oil and 2 tablespoon of honey in the warm water and take a bath. You can add a few drops of your favorite perfume in it for the purpose of smell. As for as I know this would be one of the best natural remedies dry skin. Dream yourself into ancient Egypt or any other place you would rather be right now by ease yourself into this royal bath.

Shortage of BCG vaccine paralyses health sector

Tanzania faces an acute shortage of BCG vaccine administered to children at birth, posing a health risk to the newborns as they may contract severe forms of childhood tuberculosis.

Several parents with newborns have been looking for the vaccine in a number of hospitals without any success.

The parents, in separate interviews with this paper, feared that their babies might be affected if they don’t access the vaccine.

Nelly Mwandoloma, a resident of Dar es Salaam, said that she feared of the life of her nine-day-old baby who did not get the BCG vaccine.

“I visited several hospitals looking for the vaccine such as Sinza Health Centre, Sanitary, Mikocheni Mission, Mwananyamala and Lugalo Military Hospital only to be told that it was not there,” she complained.

“I wanted to know the reason for the scarcity. A nurse at Sinza Health Centre told me that there’s no factory in Tanzania, which manufactures such a vaccine,” she said.

“Go back home until when we get it (the vaccine),” the nurse said.

Naomi Andrew of Sinza complained on the same problem, saying that her baby has not been administered with the vaccine because it isn’t available in hospitals.

“I went to Sinza Health Center, Mwananyamala and Lugalo but I couldn’t get the vaccine. A nurse told me that the shortage was due to government’s failure to pay its debt to the Medical Stores Department.

When contacted for comment, Deputy Health and Social Welfare minister Dr Seif Rashid admitted the shortage of the vaccine, attributing it to a delay in importing it because manufacturers produced quantities below the required demand.

“It’s true that for sometime we’ve been facing the shortage of BCG vaccine in our public hospitals. Definitely this situation is not only prevailing in our country. The global demand from manufacturing countries such as India and Denmark is quite high compared to the quantity produced,” the minister said.

He said that in the past the country faced shortage of syringes for the BCG vaccine, a problem which has already been tackled.

He assured the public that the vaccine will be in supply in hospitals starting next week as a consignment is expected to arrive in the country tomorrow.

The minister said distribution of the vaccine will start “soon” adding that there’s a small stock at the Medical Stores Department (MSD) which is not enough compared to the demand.

He urged hospital authorities to make a follow up of the vaccine through regional health officers and coordinators of the Mother and Child Health Programme.

A reliable source at the Muhimbili National Hospital told The Guardian that there was a looming shortage of the BCG vaccine for nearly two weeks.

The vaccine is important to the growth of a child and should be administered for six months.
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