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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dreadlocks Styles

Dreadlocks Styleshttp://dreadlocksstyles.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/dreadlocks-1.jpgDreadlocks StylesDreadlocks Styles

Dreadlocks Styles

North Africa is the place where dreadlocks were first seen. And from that point till now, Dreadlocks styles were becoming very popular to many. It comes a long way and it moves from each culture to another as it jumps from place to place. Dreadlocks styles were inspired by major dominations like the Hinduism and the Hebrew and lots of other culture. It has become more popular to the ethnic civilization and other groups such as the Caucasians. Also, they are constantly the proud hair style of the people in African-American community.
Because of the latest trend in fashion for a range of dreadlocks styles, many are being hooked to find something for their unique appearance. They are even making way for the dreadlock styles to fit their normal course of everyday life. If you are getting bored of your old hair style and you want something different, then be free to know more about the dreadlocks styles. It will bring you a very distinctive fashion statement.
There are different dreadlocks styles to choose from that will be suitable for both men and women. The most common of them all is the African-American Dreadlock style.  For gentlemen, they have the option to keep their hair long or short. Or either way that they want like being tied up in some knot or wrapped. Actually the choices for them are unlimited. They can work for some of the ideas like the Jack Sparrow Dreadlocks. This is inspired by a pirate character Captain Jack Sparrow made popular by the actor, Johnny Depp. This is done by braiding the hair into a thin braid. The Beehive Dreadlocks or the Rastafarian hair tied with a bun is the hairstyle that will give a “retro” look.
Rasta Dreadlocks on the other hand will give a more sensible Rastafarian impression. The hair is being worn in a thin braid and the ends are not being tied up. The Gold dreadlocks styles which come in a two-toned thick hair design, color the hair with a golden hue. The two toned color of the hair involves the light brown in front and gold for the back portion. The Ponytail Dreadlock is another good idea. It is perfect for a professional getup. Another is the Lenny Kravitz dreadlocks. It has short and wiry dread that is being tied in a rubber band. The last but not the least is the spiky wiry dread or commonly known as the Jamie Foxx dreadlocks.
Dreadlocks StylesHairstyles For Dreadlocks
Dreadlocks Hairstyle
Likewise, ladies are also given the same vast options to choose from. They can have the dreads long, medium, short or super short. Dreadlock style for women can be that of the Bantu Knots. This is done by twisting the dreads and transforming it into a small knot. The next is the Bjork Bun Dreadlocks. Some section of the hair is being tied in a bun. The Dreadlock Mohawk is also beautiful. This is a kind of dread which is tied in hawk styles. The other two dreadlocks styles are the dreadlock Twisted Bun and the Dreadlock Head Wraps.
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