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Friday, 24 January 2014

Baby Room Designs

Cool Baby Room Themes and Other Baby Room Ideas

Top Baby Room Themes
There are thousands of baby room designs and themes for your new baby.  Just take the clouds and angels theme which is one of the top decorative themes for 2009.  Perfectly adaptable and it is gender neutral and those criteria are special.  There are also room themes for baby boys such as the western cowboy themes.  And for a baby girl's room try the tranquil butterfly theme.  There are other themes for a baby's room that are gender specific, baby cartoon characters and modern contemporary baby room designs.    Let us help you decide what baby room themes are ideal for your new bundle of joy!  Get your shopping done now.  With a little imagination, creativity and time you can drum up some cool baby room plans with a number of these ideas for a baby room themes!

Don't have a baby room theme in mind? Maybe you're looking for the perfect baby room designs for a boy?  Well there's no need to panic!
Gender Neutral Baby Room Ideas
This is for new parents who enjoy the element of surprise and elect to wait until the day the baby is born to find out whether it's a boy or Girl! Gender neutral baby room designs are prefect when you don't know the gender of your new baby.  Here are four gender neutral ideas that are ideal for either a boy or girls nursery room.
  • Clouds - This is a pleasant theme for a baby room. There are great color schemes that work well with the clouds and baby room furniture of any color or textures match perfectly.
  • ABC's & 123 - This fun baby room theme uses the colors of the rainbow and different geometrical shapes. Give your new baby a head start with an alphabet baby room theme.
  • Circus & Carnival - Talk about a fun baby room idea! The possibilities with this theme are virtually endless and loads of fun to plan. The best part of this baby room idea is it can remain the child's room theme for a few years. Changing the crib to a bed would be required, but after a couple of years of course!
  • Disney & Nursery Rhymes- These types of baby room themes are common themes most parents use. Disney and Nursery Rhymes ideas yield a number of fun animated room styles for both boys and girls. Nonetheless they're popular baby room themes, if you can't decide on a more customized baby room style.
Baby Room Ideas for a Boy
Finding the right nursery room designs for a boy is quite easy and loads of fun.   Try a few of these nursery room themes for a baby boy or go online to review other cool ideas for a boy's nursery room theme.
  • Cowboys and Indians - This western baby room theme is ideal for a baby boy and is quite popular among traditional parents.
  • Camouflage - The camouflage theme is cool for army baby boys. Parents in the military simply love the "Camo Baby boy nursery theme". This theme is very flexible and can be transformed into, a GI Joe character theme, Hunting and hunter themes!
  • Sports - Sports nursery room themes for boys are great especially when the family is die-hard sports fans. There are loads of single sports baby room ideas. For instance, Football, baseball, basketball and soccer. Or get creative and mix and match sports ideas for a collage sports theme.
  • Nautical- Nautical nursery room themes are great boy's nursery room ideas. This theme choice is also flexible and can include boats, ships and submarines themes. Nautical baby room themes can also include under the water, fish, sharks, whales and dolphins themes to name a few.
Nursery Room Ideas for Girls
There's nothing like planning the nursery for a baby girl! Every parent loves finding the perfect baby girl nursery room themes that express how sweet and precious their new gift will be.  Excluding the typical nursery room themes for girls such as the princess or baby doll room themes, here are a few nursery room designs for a baby girl that are different and unique.
  • Little Mermaid - Girls simply adore mermaids! So why not choose a litte mermaid and under the sea nursery theme.   This theme is perfect for a baby girls nursery room theme.
  • Fantasy and Fairies-  You can't go wrong with a fantasy forest theme full of little fairiers.  This room designe is perfect for the baby room design for a girl.
  • Barbie- Most little girls admire barbie and her fashions.  Try a barbie room design for the nursery.
  • Rainbows- Rainbow nursery room themes are ideal for a baby girl.  There's loads of fun creating a huge rainbow across the and mixing and matching rainbow colored baby room furniture.   With a little ingenutity rainbow room themes can be flexible and fun to decorate.
  • The list goes on and on with a number of ideal nursery room themes.   Depending on your personal taste you can find just about any baby room theme imaginable online.  Go online or browse a local baby store for more fun ideas and ways to decorate a baby room.  With a little creativity and imagination creating your own unique baby room style can be even more fun!
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