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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Kupunguza Matiti Makubwa Yawe Madogo - Natural Home Remedies to Decrease Breast Size

Decrease Breast Size Naturally: Remedies  A woman's breasts can be reduced using home remedies.

Women everywhere are clamoring to enhance their breasts. They try everything, from plastic surgery to home remedies to increase their breast size. But what about women who are a bit too endowed? Having big breasts can bring in a lot of unwanted attention. This can make you feel embarrassed at times. Using breast reduction surgery or pills to decrease the size of your breasts have unhealthy side effects and may damage your body permanently.

Here are a few home remedies that you can try to decrease your breast size naturally.
Weight Loss: 

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Breast tissue is composed of 90% fat. A good way to naturally decrease your breast size is to lose the excess fat on your body. But one specific body part cannot be targeted. That is, fat loss cannot be concentrated only on the breasts. You have to focus on overall weight loss plan that will also help decrease your breast size. Weight loss is the most effective home remedy to decrease breast size naturally.
Avoid Unhealthy Food: 

Unhealthy food items like fast food, fried food and food items with preservatives should be avoided at all cost. The same should go for food with high sugar content and artificial sweeteners. Broiler chicken should also be avoided as they are injected with growth hormones, which enlarges their breasts. Avoiding the consumption of such food items will help decrease the breast size.

Eat healthy foods like lean meat, vegetables and whole grains. Have low calorie meals every two hours, as it quickens your metabolism. This leads to efficient burning of calories, and results in overall weight loss. Drink lots of fluids, but avoid soft drinks and juices with artificial sweeteners. Creating a calorie deficit will burn body fat, which in turn decreases breast size naturally.

Doing cardiovascular exercise combined with a healthy diet will ensure weight loss. Including weights in your workout regime can tone your chest muscles and prevent them from sagging due to loss of fat. But excessive cultivation of chest muscle will only make your breast look bigger. So, be careful when working on chest muscles.

Aerobic exercises are those which increase your heart rate like running, swimming, biking, dancing and playing sports. Effective fat loss occurs when the heart rate is kept at its peak for a longer duration. Such exercises speed up your body metabolism for hours. Ensure that you do aerobic exercises for half an hour, at least four times a week.
Anaerobic exercises: 

Exercises that tone or build muscles are called anaerobic exercises. This can be done alternatively with aerobic exercises to ensure that excess muscles are not built. To decrease breast size naturally, perform exercises that concentrate on your upper body. Such exercises include push ups, pull ups and bench presses.

These exercises will tone up the muscle under your chest and give the appearance of smaller breasts.

Breasts Reduction Exercises

The good news is that if you are above a normal weight range then a regular exercise program will not only reduce your weight but will result in a smaller bust size.
How? Breasts are made up of 80% fat, so it makes sense that as you reduce your fat levels then your breasts will also reduce.
The bad news is that if you are already at or below a normal weight range then exercise won’t really make your bust size any smaller. And there really are no guaranteed breast reduction exercises.
However……..there are exercises that can be done which will enhance the shape of your breasts and delay breast sag.
Underneath your breast there is a large fan shaped muscle called the Pectoralis Major. It starts at the breastbone and is attached to the collarbone. By focusing on this muscle you will build better support for your breasts.
Whether you have an exercise program or not, incorporate these exercises into your life and see the difference they make to the appearance of your breasts.
Exercise 1 - Push Ups
The is the simplest, most cost effective exercise that you can do that will have an impact on your chest muscles.
·      Lie flat on the floor with your hands next to your shoulders.
·      Push yourself up onto your knees.
·      Pull in your stomach muscles and keep your body in a straight line.
·      Lower yourself back down to the ground and just before your body touches the ground push yourself back up.
Exercise 2 - Chest press

·      Using light weights, lie flat on a workout bench, keeping your feet flat on the ground.
·      Hold the weights directly over your chest with your elbows bent at 90 degrees.
·      Slowly press your arms straight up, but don’t lock your elbows, keep them soft.
·      Hold for a moment.
·      Slowly lower your arms back down to the starting position.
·      This exercise can also be done if you are just lying on the floor.
Exercise 3 - Chest fly

·      Using light weights, lie flat on a workout bench, keeping your feet firmly on the ground.
·      Hold the weights up in the air above your chest with your palms facing in.
·      Slowly lower the weights out to the side in an arc movement with your elbows slightly bent.
·      Stop at shoulder level and hold for a moment.
·      Slowly raise your arms back to the starting position.
Exercise 4 - Pullover

·      Using a light weight, stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Or Lie down.
·      Hold the weight in both hands above your head.
·      Slowly lower the weight behind your head as far as you are comfortable.
·      Hold for a moment and slowly lift the weight back up to the starting position.
Beginners: 1 – 2 sets of 12 – 16 repetitions 3 times per week

Advanced: 2 – 3sets of 12 – 16 repetitions 3 times per week

Weights: You need the weights to be light enough for you to lift but heavy enough that it is hard work by the time you get to end of the repetitions!

These exercises can also be done on an incline bench to add more difficulty.

If you are going to exercise make sure that you are wearing the appropriate sports bra to support you.
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